Tips To Apply For A Scholarship In Any Abroad Universities
  • Tue, May 14, 2019
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Tips To Apply For A Scholarship In Any Abroad Universities

Tips To Apply For A Scholarship In Any Abroad Universities

What is a scholarship?

A Scholarship is simply a monetary benefit given by colleges to academically good students. It is a token of appreciation for such students. Scholarships also aim to help financially weak students who may not be able to afford the fees of the college they are joining.For More Help SIGN UP to


Why try for a scholarship?

As mentioned earlier, scholarships are meant to be given to students who may not be able to afford the college fees but are academically sound. However, these scholarships can also be availed by other students, but it is rarely seen for a scholarship to be given to financially strong students.


Which colleges provide scholarships?

Generally, all the colleges provide scholarships. The major difference lies in the amount for scholarship and the method of application. There are many different scholarship programs available in the US that aim to help the students. We will discuss each one of them in the upcoming sections and break down their application process.


What documents are required for applying for a scholarship?

Before you can be awarded a scholarship, the selection committee needs to verify if you are eligible to get a scholarship. For this, they need a lot of documents and scores to determine if you can perform well in the program you are applying for. The required documents may vary between scholarship programs, but the following is the list of commonly demanded documents:

Undergraduate Score: This can either be GPA, CGPA, percentage or even percentile scores. This is one of the most important things that the selection committee needs so that they can judge your potential and see if you are worth the scholarship.

GMAT or GRE Scores: Applicants having a score lower than the threshold scores are often rejected. Some universities declare the minimum score requirements, some don’t. As is generally seen, having your scores in the top 10 to 15 percentiles can get you the scholarships.

Letter of recommendation: Letter of recommendation is actually a very important document. It helps the selection committee members see how you are as a person. Sometimes, if your reference shares something that is interesting related to your goals and studies, it can lead you to get the scholarship.

Professional experience: This statement helps the committee acknowledge your ability to cope up with the academics and projects you will have to do during your MS degree.

Any published research papers or texts: Though not that much needed, yet it helps your profile because it indicates that you spent some time doing some research work that was worth publishing and is passionate about studies.

Getting a scholarship should be one the top priorities for any student applying for their degree programs. It acts as a source of free money for your academic achievements, while also giving you some recognition. There are many international scholarship programs available to help the students. Many universities also provide their own scholarship programs. Be sure to read their guidelines, rules and eligibility criteria before applying for scholarships to avoid confusion later. This article lists out some of the most popular programs that aid students worldwide. You can use them to choose the scholarship that suits you the best.